Get more native perennials at participating Loblaw garden centres in 2022

Get more native perennials at participating Loblaw garden centres in 2022

Ontario nurseries for ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation are once again supplying to more people through Loblaw garden centres across the province in collaboration with Loblaw and WWF-Canada.

Partner nurseries include:

  • Williams Nursery & Ecology Centre (SWNEC) based in Norfolk County, Ontario, which is in Ontario seed zone 37
  • Native Trees & Plants (NTP) based in Essex County, Ontario in zone 38
  • Native Plants in Claremont (NPIC) based in Durham County, Ontario in zone 34

You can read more here from Carolinian Canada about the benefits of source-identified native plants and events to be hosted at participating stores. 

Participating Loblaw Garden Centres

This year, you can find source-identified Ontario native plants for biodiversity conservation at 120 Loblaw Garden Centres in Ontario.


Please note - We do our best to keep this list up to date. Estimated delivery dates may vary usually within a few days for logistical reasons.

Map of Loblaw garden centre locations:


Ontario Native Species List

The species list grown by St Williams Nursery & Ecology Centre includes a variety of Ontario native wildflowers and grasses plants for sunny, shady, and wet area conditions.

Please note - Exact species may vary by supplied store location.

For the full program species list, with species supplied by other growers click here.

Where do these plants come from?

Every native plant grown for the program has been selected to be appropriate for delivery to garden centre locations within Southern Ontario, using seed from similar Southern Ontario seed zones.

Conserveration nurseries are all committed to using scientific methods to protect and restore natural biodiversity. Each nursery propagates native plants on site from end-to-end, starting with locally collected and sustainably harvested seeds. 

Conservation-science-backed methods used for seed collection are as follows:

  • Working year-round to locate, identify, track, process, and propagate new plants from different wild populations of native species
  • Scaling up seed production by growing nursery production crops, gardens, and orchards that protect vulnerable species and sensitive populations
  • Collaborating with a network of partners, nurseries, and community members to extend the range of seed collections further across Ontario

Plants are free of neonics that may be harmful to beneficial insects as part of a shared commitment to healthy ecosystems.  


Interested in supplying native plants through your garden centre and/or conservation-minded business?

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