Species we're growing

We take great pride in offering a range of source-identified native plants indigenous to our home province of Ontario, Canada.

From experience, we can grow well over 500+ species of grasses, wildflowers, ferns, sedges, aquatics, trees, and shrubs suited to all kinds of environments and applications. We routinely have 1,000,000+ plants and 300+ species at different growth stages in production.

Each year, we add more species based on projects we take on. You can contact us for more options for your next project. Please note that species availability is based on a wide variety of factors like time of year, seed availability, demand from other projects, weather conditions, and more.

 Species Gallery

This information is managed by our team. If you have feedback or suggestions to add to this list, you can fill out our form or reach out to our team. We review responses seasonally and will get back to you with any questions.