Contract growing services

For more access to quality Ontario native plants, consider contracting growing with us to meet your unique project needs.



Contract growing is an opportunity to participate in the nursery production process. You can leverage experience from our knowledgeable team of ecologists, seed specialists, and growers for your project. We operate state-of-the-art nursery production facilities, which include: 

  1. Acres of modern-connected greenhouses with rolling tray floats and retractable roofs

  2. Hundreds of acres of irrigated fields for bareroot tree seedlings and seed harvesting

  3. Modern seed processing plant, warehouse storage, coolers, & in-house lab facilities

Request period: We recommend contacting us early on in your project planning. Given planting is seasonal, the best time to contact is in the fall so we can schedule new plants for spring production. We can work with requests up to 1-3 years in advance based on the size of your order. Ready timing is subject to each species growth patterns, nursery production schedules, sizes & quantities, and more. If you have specific timing requirements, please let us know so our growers so we can consider options and plan accordingly. 


For a quick overview of the process, expand the steps in the list below:


To help grow for your project needs, we start by getting an understanding of the aspects you're looking for. We know that the planning process takes time so we recommend contacting us early on.


You send a list of species for our team to review to begin. We grow a wide range of Ontario native trees, shrubs, and plants at our conservation nursery. You can explore species here as a reference and let us know if you need more guidance from a specialist.

Please note: Working with live plants, we're constantly updating seed and plant inventory and availability. Species lists are provided as a reference only. Sufficient lead-times and flexibility around planting different species suited to the ecosystems within the intended planting area will help increase biodiversity and availability for your project.

Quantities & Scale

An understanding of the scale of your project is important for our team to plan and price your request. If you are not sure, estimates will work to get started.

Sizes & Formats

We can offer a range of different sizes and/or formats. Options will vary based on your project goals, timelines, numbers, and logistics for the contract grow.

Seed Zones & Sourcing

Is there native seed sources on site or nearby that you'd like to use for your project? We can work together to consider options for seed collection by your team or ours through contract collection

Planting Plans

Consider your plan for planting along with timing by season. To support the installation process, you can also contact our team about our ecological restoration services.

Once the detals of your order are confirmed, a first payment will be required as a deposit to process and begin growing your order. The deposit amount corresponds to 25% of the order value.


The nursery team may be in touch with any updates as the plants in your order grow. Closer to the agreed ready timeframe, final numbers will be confirmed based on growth results. Delivery and/or pickup will also be arranged for a time within the ready season window.


Once the order is ready, the final amount can be confirmed for payment. The final payment will correspond to the remaining balance of your order based on growth results. Delivery costs will be added to your order if needed.


Ready to plan your next project? CONTACT US TODAY TO GET STARTED.