At St. Williams Nursery & Ecology Centre, we offer a range of services to help our clients maximize ecological restoration results and achieve conservation project goals.


Ecological restoration services:

From our roots in ecological restoration, we understand that every project is unique. Our team is highly qualified and experienced in the science and practice of ecological restoration. We're able to take an adaptive management approach to effectively select and apply our services for sustainable, lasting results.

Services include:

  • Detailed site evaluations: Baseline conditions surveys, inventory assessments, and constraints evaluations
  • Site preparation: Clearing, grading, and tillage, which may include soil decompaction, scarification, pit and mound creation, or soil amending
  • Landscaping services: Seeding, planting, and related services
  • Invasive species eradication & weed management
  • Maintenance & tending: Ongoing site management, including irrigation, pest management, and prescribed burns
  • Project management, costing, design, & planning
  • Long-term roadmaps, operational training & public education

Each year, we take on many projects to restore the natural features and functions of degraded ecosystems in urbanized environments, and to support biodiversity conservation and enhancement.

Contract seed collection services:

You're looking for quality native seed and we can help according to your project needs:

  • We use our seed lab managed in-house to test, clean, and prepare seed. Based on availability, we can draw from an extensive collection of source-identified Ontario native seed that can be scaled through growing crops at our wholesale nursery. 
  • We can contract our native plant specialists to source seed from specific areas for conservation. Contract collecting ensures that the quality seed is gathered from local source plants to meet species and genetic biodiversity requirements by area.

  • To save time and costs, we can also can work with native plant seed supplied by our partners and clients.

Contract growing services:

For more access to quality Ontario native plants, we recommend contacting us early on in your project planning (up to 1-2 years before planting). This allows us to:

  • Grow more species, seed zones, formats, sizes, and numbers tailored to fit your project needs, budget, and timelines.

  • Leverage experience from our knowledgable team of ecologists and growers to review species seed options and growth characteristics to offer plants suited to planting requirements.

  • Make the most of nursery to produce in bulk using our state-of-the-art facilities.

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