Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of questions about how to order native trees, plants, and seeds from our wholesale nursery. You can check out some of our answers here and please feel free to contact us if you need any more help.

1. What species do you work with?

We specialize in species native to our home province of Ontario, Canada. We work hard to maintain a diverse list of species at any given time, and have grown well over 500 species in the past. We can collect seed to grow a wide variety of grasses, wildflowers, ferns, sedges, aquatic plants, trees, and shrubs.

If you're interested in a specific species, we'll be happy to discuss options to source the seed and contract grow in quantities over 1,000 plants if requested in advance.

2. How can I find your availability and prices?

You can check our Limited Availability for Spring 2020. You can request a wholesale account to place an order request through our wholesale online store

A note for this Spring 2020 - We're currently sold out of many of our native plants and seed this planting season. As we add to our available products, you can subscribe to our mailing list or start an account with us to stay up-to-date. You can also reach out to our team if you have any questions.

3. What formats and sizes do you offer?

Our available formats typically include:

  • Seed Mix Packets
  • Bulk Seed Mixes 
  • 1P and 2P Seedlings (1 and 2 year greenhouse grown plugs)
  • 1P+ Tranplants (1P and 2P plugs are transplanted and grown on for 1 or more years in our fields)
  • Pots (4", or 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30 Gallon)
  • Live Stakes and Cuttings (by special order only)

Plant sizes or heights can range by format so please let us know if you have more specific requirements for your project.

4. When should I place my order?

For PLANTS, we're taking orders for limited availability stock. You can also start your pre-order for Spring 2021 as we're currently sold out of much of our inventory for this planting season.

You can place SEED orders year round. We will make our seed mixes available on our site soon to give you ample time to plant for dormant Fall seeding in 2020, which is an ideal time to plant native seed mixes.

5. When will my order be ready?

For PLANTS, ready times depend on the formats, sizes, and species included in your order. We produce new PLANTS from seed each season and schedule pick-ups appointments, deliveries, and shippments when they're ready.

For SEED, ready times depend on our schedule for seed harvesting and processing. After confirming your order, our turn around time is typically 1-2 weeks to mix and ship your seed. Custom packets or mixes may require additional lead time.

Please check out our terms and conditions of sale for more details.

6. Can my order be shipped?

We can ship SEED and PLANTS as plugs or bare root seedlings anywhere in Ontario. Larger potted stock orders require special delivery arrangements. We'll work with you to get your order where it needs to go!

At this time, we’re unable to ship outside of Canada due to regulations. For more detailed questions, please email us at

8. More questions?

Please let us know by getting in touch.