We’re dedicated to providing high quality wildflower and grass seed mixes that suit a variety of planting needs.  Our seed mixes are best applied in late November to early December in workable soil for most successful germination in spring.  Our mixes can also be applied in early spring, but this could result in some lag in germination.  Note that some species may not appear until the following spring.

Tall Grass Prairie Seed Mix
Tall Grass Prairie

Roadside Edge Seed Mix
Roadside Edge

Bobolink & Meadowlark Wet Meadow
Bobolink and Meadowlark

Low Grow Meadow Seed MixLow Grow Dry Meadow

Pollinator Garden Seed Mix
Pollinator Forrage

Stream Channel & Wetland Edge Seed Mix

Bee Forage Meadow Seed Mix

Semi-Shade Forest Edge Seed Mix
Semi Shade Savannah


All seed orders less than $250 before taxes will be subject to a $35 handling fee.