Low Grow Ground-Covering Seed Mix (kg)

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Download a guide to help establish your native seed mix.

Timing: The best time to sow your seed mix is in late fall (November is ideal) and early spring is next best. We typically recommend avoiding summer seeding. 

Seeding instructions:

For basic applications, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare your area: Remove weeds and cultivate the soil as needed
  2. Lightly tramp the soil: Pack, but avoid smoothing out the soil completely
  3. If separated, sow larger grass seeds: Apply based on the mix application rate, then cover with 1/4″ topsoil, mulch, or harrow
  4. Scatter fine wildflower seeds: Apply these on surface, using an inert bulking agent - like sawdust, sand, or kitty litter - to help evenly disperse seed
  5. Watch the weather: Native plants are adapted to their environment, but in summer you may want to water seeded areas to maintain a moist soil

Storage: Large grass and fine wildflower seeds are packaged separately. You can store all your seed in a cool dry place until you're ready to sow.

Recommendations can vary by site. More detailed instructions are available here or contact us if you need to consult our team.