St. Williams Nursery & Ecology Centre is a proud distributor of Tubex tree shelters.  These products are designed to protect and enhance the growth of young plants.  Specifically, these shelters protect plants from browsing animals and have been specially designed to provide the right solution to your planting needs, offering tree protection solutions in Landscaping, Forestry, Fruit and Viticulture sectors.

To Order Tubex please call us toll-free at 1 866 640 8733 or email

We carry three types of Tubex tree shelters.  Click the links below to download the product datasheet:

Tubex Pricing

Qty AvailablePrice Per UnitPrice Per Unit
Under 500Over 500
Vented Shelter 1.2 m2,000 +$4.86$3.09
Vented Shelter 1.5 mSold Out$6.25$3.98
Standard 0.6 mLow Stock$2.71$1.63
Standard 0.75 m<1000$3.52$2.11
Standard 0.90 mLow Stock$4.05$2.43
Standard 1.50 mLow Stock$5.97$3.57
Fruit Wrap 0.6 m8,000 +$1.28$0.89
Fruit Wrap 0.75 m<1000$1.52$0.99
Fruit Wrap 0.9 mSold Out$1.82$1.20
Fruit Wrap 1.2 mSold Out$2.30$1.43
Fruit Wrap 1.5 mSold Out$3.03$1.87
To order Tubex please call us toll-free at 1 866 640 8733 or email