Broad-Leaved Sedge Keep your shade garden green all year with this fun little sedge that stays blueish-green over the winter!

Broad-Leaved Sedge (Carex platyphylla) is truly an undervalued sedge that is ideal for use in perennial/mixed boarders.  Carex platyphylla forms in clumps with a frosty blue colour that spreads slowly to form a beautifully textured groundcover that thrives in moist or average soils.  This species will even perform well in dry shade once it is established.  Other common names for this species include Blue Sedge and Silver Sedge.

Carex platyphylla is excellent to use for erosion control, winter interest, and are appropriate for deer resistant and low maintenance plantings, or rock gardens.  Other native plants that complement Carex platyphylla include:

In the Spring, be sure to prune back old leaves to make way for greenish, white, scaly flower spikes that are displayed above the foliage.


Species Profile: Broad Leaved Sedge (Carex platyphylla)