Major project work

St. Williams Nursery has completed many large scale restoration projects over the past five years, including:

  • Savanna & woodland restoration for Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • Ecological restoration at Point Pelee National Park for Parks Canada
  • Ecological restoration for sites along the East Hamilton Trail Development (Red Hill Valley Project) for City of Hamilton
  • Restoration of upland and wetland habitats for Windemere Basin in the City of Hamilton
  • Salvage and restoration of remnant prairie and SAR species for MTO and Transport Canada associated with a new Windsor border crossing
  • Ecological restoration / compensation works for the Highway 407 East project
  • Restoration plantings for the TransCanada East Mainline Expansion project
  • Restoration of butternut trees for the MTO 404 Expansion project

We’re also routinely involved with the planning, design, stock supply of source-identified plant materials, installation, as well as monitoring and maintenance of ecological restoration projects.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality of support to our clients to achieve science-based ecological restoration in support of biodiversity conservation in Ontario.

Featured project: Westminster Ponds / Pond Mills ESA

image of common buckthornSt. Williams Nursery & Ecology Centre was retained by the City of London to prepare and implement the ecological restoration plan for a 4 hectare area in the Westminster Ponds/Pond Mills Environmentally Significant Area (ESA).  The City was generously awarded with a Canada 150 Community Infrastructure grant for the implementation of the accessible trails in the ESA.  St. William’s Nursery ecological restoration plan focuses on managing invasive exotic vegetation, primarily Common Buckthorn (Rhamnus carthartica) to allow for the re-establishment of healthy native plant communities.  We will continue to monitor and adaptively manage the area to achieve successful restoration outcomes.