At St. Williams Nursery & Ecology Centre, our team is highly qualified and experienced in the science and practice of ecological restoration. We take on many projects to restore the natural features and functions of degraded ecosystems. Our restoration services help support natural biodiversity conservation or enhancement, particularly in urbanized or industrialized environments.

From our experience, we understand that every ecological restoration project is unique. We use an adaptive management framework to effectively select and apply our services for sustainable results.

Restoration services include:

  • Detailed site evaluations: Baseline conditions surveys, inventory assessments, and constraints evaluations
  • Project planning & design (includes project costing)
  • Site preparation: Clearing, grading, and tillage, which may include soil decompaction, scarification, pit and mound creation, or soil amending
  • Landscaping services: Seeding, planting, and related services
  • Invasive species eradication & weed management
  • Maintenance & tending: Ongoing site management, including irrigation, pest management, and prescribed burns
  • Long-term planning & operational training (includes turn-key solutions)
  • Public education

Long-term Management Planning and Operational Training