Witch-Hazel - Hamamelis virginiana | Pots ready spring & fall

Common name: Witch-Hazel

Scientific name: Hamamelis virginiana

Example mature size: 7 m tall, 6 m wide; 23 ft tall, 20 ft wide

Sunlight: Partial-sun, Shade

Water: Medium-dry

Soil: Sand, Loam, Clay

Blooms: Yellow in October

Ontario plant status: Native Shrub, Common

Natural habitats: Meadow-grasslands, Open-upland

Wildlife benefits: Grassland birds 🦉, Songbirds 🐦, Rodents 🐿️

Points of interest: - Birds feed on the fruit , small animals , deer and beaver feed on the seeds - Oils are extracted from the bark for natural medicines - Fragrant flower