Swamp Rose - Rosa palustris | Pots ready spring & fall

Common name: Swamp Rose

Scientific name: Rosa palustris

Example mature size: 2 m tall, 1 m wide; 7 ft tall, 3.5 ft wide

Sunlight: Full-sun

Water: Medium-wet, Wet

Soil: Sand, Loam

Blooms: Pink in June

Ontario plant status: Native Shrub, Common

Natural habitats: Riverbanks-beaches

Wildlife benefits: Bees/wasps 🐝, Songbirds 🐦, Rodents 🐿️, Deer/moose 🦌, Grassland birds 🦉, Landfowl 🦃

Points of interest: - Can be found growing in wetlands, swamps and marshes - Wildlife such as game fowl , songbirds, rodents, pollinators, and small animals feeds on the fruit and bark - Birds also nest and find cover in the shrub