Smooth Serviceberry - Amelanchier laevis | Pots ready spring & fall

Common name: Smooth Serviceberry

Scientific name: Amelanchier laevis

Example mature size: 12 m tall, 4.5 m wide; 39.5 ft tall, 15 ft wide

Sunlight: Full-sun, Partial-sun

Water: Medium-dry

Soil: Sand

Blooms: White in April, May

Ontario plant status: Native Tree - Deciduous, Common

Natural habitats: Open-upland, Generalist

Wildlife benefits: Bees/wasps 🐝, Songbirds 🐦

Points of interest: - Features fragrant flowers and colourful leaves in the fall - Also produces edible berries in June and July - Best suited for planting as a tree since it has fewest suckers of all Serviceberry species