Shrubby Cinquefoil - Potentilla fruticosa | Pots ready spring & fall

Common name: Shrubby Cinquefoil

Scientific name: Potentilla fruticosa

Example mature size: 1 m tall, 2 m wide; 3.5 ft tall, 7 ft wide

Sunlight: Full-sun

Water: Average

Soil: Clay, Sand, Loam

Blooms: Yellow in June

Ontario plant status: Native Shrub, Common

Natural habitats: Rocky-alvars, Prairie-savannahs, Riverbanks-beaches, Roadsides-ravines

Wildlife benefits: Bees/wasps 🐝, Beneficial insects 🐞, Moths 🦋

Points of interest: - Tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions except hot humid summer days - Flowers from spring to fall