Round-Leaved Dogwood - Cornus rugosa | Pots ready spring & fall

Common name: Round-Leaved Dogwood

Scientific name: Cornus rugosa

Example mature size: 3 m tall, 15 m wide; 10 ft tall, 49.5 ft wide

Sunlight: Partial-sun, Shade

Water: Medium-dry, Average

Soil: Loam

Blooms: White in June

Ontario plant status: Native Shrub, Common

Natural habitats: Forest-shaded, Riverbanks-beaches, Roadsides-ravines

Wildlife benefits: Host plant 🐛, Butterflies/skippers 🦋, Landfowl 🦃, Deer/moose 🦌

Points of interest: - Host species for the Spring Azure and Gussamar Wing butterlies - Grouse, deer, and rabbits feed off the berries and twigs all winter long