Red Oak - Quercus rubra | Pots ready spring & fall

Common name: Red Oak

Scientific name: Quercus rubra

Example mature size: 20 m tall, 20 m wide; 66 ft tall, 66 ft wide

Sunlight: Full-sun

Water: Medium-wet, Medium-dry, Average

Soil: Sand, Clay, Loam

Blooms: Green in May

Ontario plant status: Native Tree - Deciduous, Common

Natural habitats: Open-upland

Wildlife benefits: Moths 🦋, Deer/moose 🦌, Rodents 🐿️

Points of interest: - Typically found east of Lake Superior, and across central and southern Ontario - It’s a dominant species in many forest communities so this tree needs room to grow with full sun as it gets older and will provides cover for a wide variety of birds and mammals - Provides great fall colour, with leaves turning russet to bright red - Acorns are an important food source for many birds and mammals