Mountain Holly - Ilex mucronata | Pots ready spring & fall

Common name: Mountain Holly

Scientific name: Ilex mucronata

Example mature size: 3 m tall, 3 m wide; 10 ft tall, 10 ft wide

Sunlight: Full-sun, Partial-sun

Water: Medium-wet, Wet

Soil: Loam

Blooms: Green in May

Ontario plant status: Native Shrub, Common

Natural habitats: Swamp-wetland

Wildlife benefits: Host plant 🐛, Bees/wasps 🐝, Moths 🦋, Grassland birds 🦉

Points of interest: - Host of the Columbia Silkmoth - Twigs turn purple in the winter months - Attracts butterflies - Tolerates both sun and shade and prefers moist soils and wetlands