Large-Tooth Aspen - Populus grandidentata | Pots ready spring & fall

Common name: Large-Tooth Aspen

Scientific name: Populus grandidentata

Example mature size: 20 m tall, 15 m wide; 66 ft tall, 49.5 ft wide

Sunlight: Full-sun

Water: Medium-dry

Soil: Sand, Loam

Blooms: Green in April

Ontario plant status: Native Tree - Deciduous, Common

Natural habitats: Open-upland

Wildlife benefits: Bees/wasps 🐝, Songbirds 🐦, Deer/moose 🦌

Points of interest: - Aspen leaves and staminate flower buds provide ruffed grouse with their most important yearlong food resource. - Aspen suckers are a favoured winter food of moose and white-tailed deer. The bark, leaves, twigs, and branches of aspen are preferred by beaver.