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Forest Flora - 18 x 4-inch pots - $98.00

Why we made this

Up your shady backyard biodiversity with plants that will thrive at the edge of natural forest or nearby an urban jungle. Let's foster a vibrant ecosystem of bugs, birds, and more, starting with Ontario natives.


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Quick facts

  • Sun: Part-sun, semi-shade
  • Culture: Medium-moist soil
  • Bloom Time: April to September
  • Wildlife Value: Butterflies, bees, insects, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, & more


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What's included

Each habitat will include 18 plants in 4" pots from across the species below:

  1. Wild Columbine
  2. Jack in the Pulpit
  3. Wild Ginger
  4. Virginia Bluebells
  5. Zig-Zag Goldenrod
  6. Heart-Leaved Aster
  7. Foamflower
  8. Trillium
  9. Bloodroot
  10. Hepatica
  11. Fringed Brome
  12. Bishop's Cap


*Please note: Exact quantities of the above species may vary based on final availability.


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During COVID-19, we're shipping all our native plant habitats directly to your home. Please note shipping methods and deliveries may be updated to reflect changes with carriers during this time.

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