Base Restoration Seed Mix (1 kg)

Why we made this mix

A tried and true mix for ecological restoration projects. We've selected affordable and hardy native grasses and wildflower species. These plants are ideal for a variety of applications, including but not limited to: soil stabilization, roadside edges, slopes, and waste spaces. Of all our mixes, this option is most suited for rapid establishment in open disturbed soils and can help prevent erosion once established.

Ideal conditions

  • Sun: Full to part sun
  • Culture: Tolerates poor, dry to medium-moist soils

What's included*

All mixes are subject to change as we continuously strive to innovate and improve on our seed mixes as part of our commitment to ecological restoration science and biodiversity conservation efforts. A list of species we commonly use for this mix is available here.

Please note that all species are subject to availability based on yearly harvest results. We work with changing seed harvest yields from the biology of different plant species, weather conditions, and more factors beyond our control. As a result, we may update our mixes at any time to stay true to the function and the integrity of each mix. Most often, our seed team will make the appropriate substitutions within any mix as needed.

If you need more information or have preferences for us to consider, please include them in your order notes or let our team know at

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