Tallgrass Prairie Seed Mix (kg)

A range of seasonal prairie grasses balanced with a strong diversity of prairie wildflowers. Help conserve disappearing tallgrass prairie and savannah habitats in Ontario, the natural benefits they provide, and the species they support.

Preferred conditions

  • Sun: Full sun
  • Culture: Dry, sandy soils


*Please note that the species may differ slightly with each order. Seed availability changes year-to-year and season-to-season based on the species, harvest results, weather conditions, and more. We may update our mixes at any time in order to best support goals for ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation.

  • Indian Grass - Sorghastrum nutans
  • Big Bluestem - Andropogon gerardii
  • Switch Grass - Panicum virgatum
  • Virginia Wild Rye - Elymus virginicus
  • Canada Wild Rye - Elymus canadensis
  • Little Bluestem - Schizachyrium scoparium
  • Common Evening Primrose - Oenothera biennis
  • Foxglove Beard-Tongue - Penstemon digitalis
  • Brown-Eyed Susan;Black-Eyed Susan - Rudbeckia hirta
  • Round-Headed Bush Clover - Lespedeza capitata
  • New Jersey Tea - Ceanothus americanus
  • Showy Tick-Trefoil - Desmodium canadense
  • Upland White Aster;Upland White Goldenrod - Solidago ptarmicoides
  • Hairy Beard-Tongue - Penstemon hirsutus
  • Flat-Topped Aster - Doellingeria umbellata
  • Panickled Tick-Trefoil - Desmodium paniculatum
  • Sand Dropseed - Sporobolus cryptandrus
  • Virginia Mountain Mint - Pycnanthemum virginianum
  • Tall Cinquefoil;Prairie Cinquefoil - Potentilla arguta
  • Gray Goldenrod - Solidago nemoralis
  • Grey-Headed Coneflower;Yellow Coneflower - Ratibida pinnata
  • Tall Coreopsis - Coreopsis tripteris
  • Smooth Aster - Symphyotrichum laeve
  • Stiff Goldenrod - Solidago rigida
  • Prairie Smoke - Geum triflorum
  • Spotted Joe-Pye Weed - Eupatorium maculatum
  • Wild Bergamot - Monarda fistulosa
  • Early Goldenrod - Solidago juncea
  • Dense Blazing Star;Spiked Blazing Star - Liatris spicata
  • Prairie Dock - Silphium terebinthinaceum
  • Slender Wheat Grass - Elymus trachycaulus
  • Side-Oats Grama - Bouteloua curtipendula
  • Pale Coneflower - Echinacea pallida
  • Hairy Bush-Clover - Lespedeza hirta
  • Dotted Horsemint;Spotted Beebalm - Monarda punctata
  • Slender Mountain Mint - Pycnanthemum tenuifolium
  • and more...

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Ordering details

The minimum order for bulk seed mixes is 5kg. Our recommended application rate is ~8-10 kg/Ha.

Mixes are prepared to order and based on any timelines you can provide. Note that the ideal time for seeding is in late fall, which is also ideal for more species diversity after fall seed harvesting.

For site-specific requests, please reach out or include them in your order notes. Our mixes offer some species flexibility based on availability.

For restorations needing over 50 kg, we suggest to pre-order well in advance. You can reach out our team at sales@stwilliamsnursery.com to reserve your seed.