Cost: $175.00/kg for 1-5 kg or $160 for 5-50 kg.  For 50+ kg please call for pricing.
Pollinator Garden Seed Mix
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The Pollinator Forage Seed Mix consists of wildflowers and grasses designed to attract butterflies, bees, and other insects.  The mix will thrive in average to well drained soils.  Customization options allow for substitutions based on soil type and moisture availability.  The mix is suitable for naturalized pollinator gardens, forage for apiculture, and wildflower gardens.

(garden naturalization, and apiculture)
Apply at 15-20 kg/ha

Common NameSpecies%
Virginia Wild RyeElymus virginicus30
Silky Wild RyeElymus villosus15
Bottle Brush GrassElymus hystrix8
Canada Wild RyeElymus canadensis8
Indian GrassSorghastrum nutans8
Sand DropseedSporobous cryptandrus5
Slender Mountain MintPycnanthemum tenuifolia3
Swamp MilkweedAsclepias incarnata3
IronweedVernonia missurica3
Dwarf Blazing StarLiatris cylindracea3
Blue VervainVerbena hastata3
Nodding Wild OnionAllium cernuum3
Grey Headed ConeflowerRatibida pinnata3
Common MilkweedAsclepias syriaca3
Early GoldenrodSolidago juncea2
For best results follow these instructions:100

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Additional Bulk Seed Species

We take great pride in offering a wide selection of native seed for your biodiversity enhancement projects.  Every Wildtype Seed Mix is made with 100% locally sourced native seed.  All bulk seed is derived from true Ontario genotype specimens, scaled up on our farm and processed in-house.

ColumbineAquilegia canadensis
Swamp MilkweedAsclepias incarnata
Butterfly MilkweedAsclepias tuberosa
Tall CoreopsisCoreopsis tripteris
Pale ConeflowerEchinacea pallida
Woodland StrawberryFragaria vesca
Spiked Blazing StarLiatris spicata
BergamotMonarda fistulosa
Slender Mountain MintPycnanthemum tenuifolia
Carpenters SquareScrophularia marilandica
Compass PlantSilphium laciniatum
Prairie DockSilphium terebinthiunaceum
Early GoldenrodSolidago juncea
Grey GoldenrodSolidago nemoralis
Sky Blue AsterSymphiotrichum  novae-angliae
New England AsterSymphiotrichum  oolentangiense
Smooth AsterSymphiotrichum laeve
Arrow Leaved AsterSymphiotrichum urophyllum
Hoary VervainVerbena stricta
IronweedVernonia missourica
Culvers RootVeronicastrum virginicum

For best results follow these instructions:

  1. Store seed in a cool dry place until needed.
  2. Prepare seeding area-remove weeds, cultivate and ammend as required, pack but avoid smoothing out the soil completely.
  3. Cover with 1/4? top soil or mulch, or harrow.
  4. Sow in late fall or early spring, avoid summer planting.

To order, call 1 866 640 8733 or email