Betula alleghaniensis
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Hardiness Zone: 03-Jul Height: 60-80 feet; 20-25 metres Spread: 40-50 feet; 12-18 metres Sun: Full to part sun Water: Medium to moist Culture: Yellow Birch will tolerate a wide range of soil types but is best grown in moist well-drained soils. Do not prune until summer when sap has stopped flowing. Noteworthy Characteristics: An esteemed native species that has an incredible fall display of bright yellow and gold leaves. A valuable tree and classified as one of the largest hardwoods in northeastern North America. Bark is a shiny yellow to gray-silver that splits into curly strips and becomes a reddish brown as it grow older. A slow-growing tree, it is relatively long-lived for a birch, with specimens 200 years old recorded. The bruised foliage has a strong smell of wintergreen. Birch seed is an important food source for many winter birds. Betula alleghaniensis attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and is a larval host for the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Garden Uses: lawn tree; naturalized areas; edge of woods