Helianthus divaricatus
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Hardiness Zone: 3-8 Height: 2-6 feet; 0.6-1.8 metres Spread: 1-3 feet; 0.3-0.9 metres Sun: Full to partial sun Water: Medium to dry Wildlife: Woodland Sunflower has a high ecological value. The flowers attract many insects including bees, butterflies, skippers, and flies. Multiple caterpillars of butterflies such as the Painted Lady and the Silvery Checkerspot feed on the foliage. Mourning Doves, American Goldfinches, and Harris Sparrows are some of the many birds that feed on the seeds of this plant. Small mammals such as squirrels and rabbits also feed on the seeds. Bloom Colour: Yellow Culture: Prefers moist to medium moisture soil that is loamy, sandy, and/or rocky. Noteworthy Characteristics: This plant has a light green to dark purple central stem with opposite leaves that are hairy, lanceolate-shaped and yellowish green to medium green. It produces flowerheads with multiples yellow florets.