Eupatorium rugosum/Ageratina altisima
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Hardiness Zone: 4-9 Height: 2-4 feet; 0.6-1.2 metres Spread: 2-3 feet; 0.6-0.9 metres Sun: Full sun to shade Water: Medium Wildlife: The nectar, pollen and foliage attract bees, flies, butterflies and moths. Bloom Colour: White Tolerates: Deer; drought; rabbit Culture: Easily grown in partial sun to light shade, moist to slightly dry conditions, and rich soils. Deadhead spent flowers to control spread. Prune back heavily in late winter. Keep the poisonous cuttings away from children and pets and don't use as compost for edible gardens. Noteworthy Characteristics: Common to woodland edges, Eupatorium rugosum reaches 2-4' in height on strong, branching stems. In late summer, pure white flowers appear in flat-topped, branching clusters. The leaves are long and large-toothed. Contains the toxin trematol, responsible for "milk sickness," which caused problems for the livestock of early settlers. Garden Uses: Native plant garden; woodland garden