Quercus alba
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Hardiness Zone: 3-9 Height: 18-30 metres; 60-100 feet Spread: 18-24 metres; 60-80 feet Sun: Full to part sun Water: Medium Fruit: acorns Tolerates: high levels of air and soil salts Culture: White Oak is a slow growing tree which prefers to be sited in full sun in well drained acidic soils. Dislikes being disturbed. Noteworthy Characteristics: White Oak has a stately silhouette all year long. It is one of the best-looking Oaks in the winter due to the light grey, platey bark and open crown. The trunk is straight with main branches well-attached to the tree making this a long-lived, durable tree for large, wide open landscapes. Since trunks can be six feet in diametre, leave plenty of room for this tree. The trunk flares out at the base lifting sidewalks and curbing if planted in lawns less than eight feet wide. The red fall colour is fairly reliable year to year. Brown leaves may hold on till the early part of the winter. Garden Uses: Specimen tree