Coreopsis tripteris
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Hardiness Zone: 3-8 Height: 2-8 feet; 0.6-2.4 metres Spread: 2-8 feet; 0.6-2.4 metres Sun: Full to partial sun Water: Medium Wildlife: The showy flowers attract a variety of bees, bee flies, butterflies, and skippers. Bloom Colour: Yellow Tolerates: Competition from other plants, some drought Culture: Tall Coreopsis prefers moist to mesic conditions and can grow in various soil types including those containing clay, clay-loam, gravel, and/or sand. Noteworthy Characteristics: Pairs of opposite leaves occur all along the light green, mostly unbranched stems of this plant. The narrow leaves are ascending and elliptic-shaped. The upper surfaces of the leaves are medium green in colour whereas underneath they are lighter green. The flower heads each consist of 8 yellow petals that surround the maroon, dense head of florets. Garden Uses: Butterfly garden