Elymus trachycaulus
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Hardiness Zone: 2-9 Height: 2-3 feet; 0.6-0.9 metres Spread: up to 2 feet; 0.6 metres Sun: Full sun to part shade Water: Dry to medium Wildlife: Upland game birds and small mammals utilize the seed for food and the foliage for cover. This grass establishes quickly and is considered good for forage. Bloom Colour: Green/Brown/Yellow Tolerates: Drought; long wet periods Culture: Slender Wheat Grass actively grows during the spring and fall when soil temperatures are cool. Noteworthy Characteristics: Slender wheatgrass is a perennial, cool-season, short-lived, coarse, tufted bunchgrass of medium height with thick, blue-green leaves and flowers arranged in slender spikes, which turn a nice red as they mature. The root system is dense, consisting of coarse and fine fibrous roots which extend 12 inches (30 cm) or more in depth. The dense root system makes this species moderately drought tolerant. Garden Uses: Native garden