Cornus drummondii
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Hardiness Zone: 5-8 Height: 6-15 feet; 1.8-4.6 metres Spread: 6-15 feet; 1.8-4.6 metres Sun: Part sun Water: Medium Wildlife: Bees, butterflies, skippers, and wasps visit the flowers of this plant. Waterfowl and many other birds readily feed on the fruit. Squirrels, deer, and other mammals also feed on the fruit. Insects such as moth caterpillars and beetles feed on the foliage. Bloom Colour: White Culture: Prefers moist to slightly dry soil. It will grow in a wide range of soils including loamy or rocky soil, or clay loam. Noteworthy Characteristics: Rough-leaved Dogwood has oppositely arranged elliptic-obovate leaves that have a rough upper surface but are slightly hairy underneath. In the fall the foliage turns from purple to red in colour. Twigs are reddish brown and slightly hairy. The bark of this plant is scaly and grey. The small flowers appear in clusters and later give way to white drupes in late summer to early fall.