Scirpus fluviatillis
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Hardiness Zone: 4-8 Height: 4-6 feet; 1.2-1.8 metres Spread: 3 feet; 0.9 metres Sun: Full sun Water: Wet to moist Wildlife: Leafhoppers and certain beetles will feed off this plant. It provides excellent cover for nesting waterfowl and spawning fish. Bloom Colour: Brown Culture: River Bulrush prefers wet to wet-mesic conditions and will grow in clay, loam or sand. It can grow in shallow water. Noteworthy Characteristics: This stout sedge has triangular, smooth, medium green stems and leaves ranging from 6-15 mm wide. The plant produces drooping flower spikelets up to 2 inches in size. River Bulrush spreads aggressively by rhizomes and forms dense colonies. Garden Uses: Along ponds and river banks or in marshy areas. It can also be used for erosion control.