Geum rivale
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Hardiness Zone: 3-7 Height: 1-2 feet; 0.3-0.6 metres Spread: 1-2 feet; 0.3-0.6 metres Sun: Full sun Water: Wet to medium Wildlife: The bees are attracted to the pollen while frogs and newts hide in the moist shade under the dense foliage. Bloom Colour: Yellow to orange petals and prominent red-purple sepals Culture: Easily grown in partial to full sun, wet to moist conditions, and cool to mild summer temperatures. Tolerates a variety of soil types. Water Avens spreads by both seed and rhizomes. Noteworthy Characteristics: Water Avens large, nodding, reddish purple flowers make it an impressive sight and an easily recognizable plant. The flowers develop into a bur-like head of fruits with brown hooks, which can be dispersed a considerable distance if caught in clothing or fur. It has an aromatic root used in making a beverage used as a substitute for cocoa. Garden Uses: Bog garden; stream edge