Carya glabra
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Hardiness Zone: 4-9 Height: 60-80 feet; 18-24 metres Spread: 25-40 feet; 8-12 metres Sun: Full sun to part shade Water: Medium to dry Wildlife: A variety of birds feed on the many different insects this tree attracts including beetle larvae, moth and butterfly caterpillars, leafhoppers, and aphids. Small mammals Bloom Colour: Yellowish-green Culture: Prefers average to dry soil and will grow in various soil types including loam, sandy loam, and clay-loam. Noteworthy Characteristics: Pignut Hickory is a deciduous tree with a straight trunk and a rounded crown. The compound leaves are alternately arranged and they usually consist of 5 leaflets. Each leaflet is lanceolate to elliptic, finely toothed, and paler underneath. The foliage turns yellow in the fall. The bark is gray, becoming scalier and developing ridges and furrows as it ages. In the spring, flowers appear in the form of catkins (male) and spikes (female). After about 25 years, the tree will also produce husks which open and reveal tan nuts.