Juncus tenuis
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Hardiness Zone: 2-9 Height: 0.5-2 feet; 0.15-0.6 metres Spread: 0.5-2 feet; 0.15-0.6 metres Sun: Full sun to part shade Water: Wet to medium Wildlife: The foliage is a food source for a variety of insects. Some birds will feed on the seedheads of this plant. Bloom Colour: Green Tolerates: Some drought Culture: Prefers wet to medium moisture, heavy clay-loam, clay, or gravelly soil. Noteworthy Characteristics: Path Rush has slender, unbranched, medium green stems with narrow leaf blades. The sheaths of young leaves are initially light green but become tan to brown as they mature. The plant produces clusters of very small flowers that are light green but change eventually to tan. Garden Uses: Water edges, groundcover, erosion control