Betula papyrifera
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Hardiness Zone: 2-6 Height: 15-21 metres; 50-70 feet Spread: 7.5-15 metres; 25-50 feet Sun: Part shade Water: Medium to wet Culture: Paper birch is best grown in medium to wet well-drained sandy or rocky loams in part shade. It is best sited in a northern or eastern exposure that receives some afternoon shade. It needs consistently moist soils. Consider using bark mulches to keep the root zones cool and moist. Avoid pruning in spring when sap is running. Noteworthy Characteristics: This tree is noted for its white bark, which exfoliates in papery strips to reveal an orange-brown inner bark. Mature trees develop black markings on the white bark. Single trunk trees grow to 50-70 Garden Uses: Paper birch is an excellent landscape tree that mixes well with evergreens and produces good fall color.