Acer spicatum
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Hardiness Zone: 3-8 Height: 10-25 feet; 3-7.6 metres Spread: 10-15 feet; 3-4.5 metres Sun: Full sun to part shade Fruit: Red samaras that mature in late summer Wildlife: Rabbits, beavers, deer, and moose browse bark. Ruffed Grouse eat the buds. Bloom Description: Dense upright clusters. Bloom Colour: Yellow/Green Culture: Commonly found in cool habitats such as mountain streams, ravines or woodlands where soil is rich and moist. Noteworthy Characteristics: A small understory tree. Its bark is reddish brown with orange to bright red colouring in fall. This is a very important species for preventing erosion on streambanks and steep slopes. Garden Uses: Specimen tree or park tree.