Menispermum canadense
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Hardiness Zone: 5-8 Height: 8-20 feet, 2.4-6.1 metres Spread: 3-6 feet; 0.9-1.8 metres Sun: Part shade to partial sun Water: Medium Wildlife: The caterpillars of Moonseed Moth feed on the vine. Some birds such as the Eastern Towhee will feed on the fruit which are poisonous to humans and most mammals. The foliage can provide cover for wildlife. Bloom Colour: Whitish green Culture: Prefers moist to moderate moisture soil that is sandy or loamy and fertile. Noteworthy Characteristics: Moonseed is a woody vine. Stems are initially green and hairy but become hairless and woody as they age. The leaves are alternately arranged and have shiny upper surfaces but are slightly hairy and paler underneath. The non-woody stems produce whitish green, male and female flowers. The female flowers give way to dark, blue-black fruits which contain crescent moon shaped seeds. Garden Uses: On a support structure, ground cover