Sorghastrum nutans
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Hardiness Zone: 4-9 Height: 3-7 feet; 0.9-2.1 metres Spread: 1-2 feet; 0.3-0.6 metres Sun: Full to part sun Water: Medium to slightly dry Wildlife: Various insects including grasshoppers, plant hoppers, leafhoppers, and caterpillars feed on the foliage of this grass. These insects in turn are an important food source for many songbirds. The foliage also provides good cover for wildlife. Bloom Colour: Brown Tolerates: Drought Culture: Prefers moist to slightly dry soil that is well-drained. This plant will tolerate various soil types including heavy clay and those containing gravelly material. Noteworthy Characteristics: Indian Grass has smooth, unbranched culms with dark, hairy nodes and flat, alternate leaves. The foliage is blue-green in colour but changes to a tan/orange in the fall. The fertile culms produce panicles of brown spikelets with yellow stamens that are cross pollinated by wind and eventually fall to the ground. Garden Uses: Erosion control