Verbena stricta
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Hardiness Zone: 4-7 Height: 2-4 feet; 0.6-1.2 metres Spread: 1.5-2 feet; 0.45-0.6 metres Sun: Full sun Water: Medium to dry Wildlife: Butterflies, bees, skippers, and bee flies visit and pollinate the flowers. Other insects such as moth caterpillars, grasshoppers, and aphids feed on the foliage of this plant. Songbirds will occasionally feed on the seeds. Bloom Colour: Lavender Tolerates: Drought Culture: Prefers average to dry clay, sand, or gravelly soil. It tends to prefer poor soil to minimize competition with other plants. Noteworthy Characteristics: Hoary Vervain has light green to reddish, hairy stems with opposite leaves. The leaf blades are gray green, hairy, ovate in shape and have serrated edges. The main upper stems end in hairy floral spikes. The lavender flowers tend to not all bloom at the same time and are later replaced by nutlets.