Luzula acuminata
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Hardiness Zone: 4-8 Height: 1-1.2 feet; 0.3-0.35 metres Spread: 1-1.2 feet; 0.3-0.35 metres Sun: Full sun to full shade Water: Wet to medium Wildlife: Cover for small creatures Bloom Colour: Tan/red-brown Tolerates: Dense deciduous shade Culture: Easily grown in full sun to part-shade in fertile, organic, moist soil. It can be used as a woodland groundcover if planted closely together. Noteworthy Characteristics: Luzula acuminata is a great little native clumping rush that spreads slowly by rhizomes. The leaves are flat and shiny and about a half-inch (1 cm) wide with white cobwebby hairs. Tan and red-brown flowers appear on 12-14 inch (0.3-0.35 metre) stalks in April and May. This is a small but distinctive plant with attractive, hairy, semi-evergreen foliage. Garden Uses: Use near pond edges, in bog gardens or in shallow water. Also an excellent filler plant in a moist mixed gardens.