Solidago nemoralis
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Height: .5-2 feet Sun: Full sun to part shade Water: Medium to dry Wildlife: Attracts butterflies and birds Bloom Colour: Lemon yellow Culture: Grow in lean to moderately fertile, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Deadhead to prevent prolific self-seeding. Divide in spring or fall. Noteworthy Characteristics: Goldenrod thrives best in soil containing sand, clay or gravel, but it will flourish in fertile soil as well. This plant is a good choice for difficult locations, such as sunny slopes or open areas with poor soil, where little else will grow: Solidago reliably provides end-of-season color in blazing shades of yellow to the wild garden or naturalistic plantings. Garden Uses: works well in a low wildflower meadow, a sunny garden, or as a cut flower.