Carex aurea
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Hardiness Zone: 3-9 Height: 0.15-0.3 metres; 0.5-1 feet Spread: 0.15-1 metres Sun: Full to part sun Water: Medium to wet Fruit: Conspicuous orange-yellow seed heads Wildlife: Birds Bloom Colour: May-July Tolerates: Rocky, sandy soils Culture: This sedge grows easily in full to part sun, wet to moist conditions, in rocky or sandy soil that is calcareous. This cool season ornamental sedge slowly spreads out in all directions. Carex aurea dislikes hot weather and does not compete well with taller ground vegetation on fertile loam. Noteworthy Characteristics: The most interesting thing about this sedge is its colorful berry-like fruits (golden yellow to orange) containing the seeds. Garden Uses: Massed in groups; rain gardens; alongside streams and ponds; damp areas; in containers; specimen