Euphorbia corollata
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Hardiness Zone: 3-9 Height: 3 feet; 0.2-0.9 metres Spread: 2 feet; o.2-0.6 metres Sun: Full sun Water: Dry to medium Wildlife: The flowers attract bees, bee flies, small butterflies including the Karner Blue butterfly which is endangered. The Wild Turkey, Mourning Dove, as well as other birds feed on the seeds. Mammals avoid consuming this plant because of its toxic foliage. Bloom Colour: White Tolerates: Drought Culture: Prefers mesic to dry conditions and adapts to growing in almost any soil type including loamy, clay, sandy, gravelly, or rocky soil. Grows very well in poor soil because of the minimal competition. Noteworthy Characteristics: Flowering Spurge has one or more unbranched stems that are smooth and light green. It has alternate leaves that are alternately arranged and oblong shaped. The small flowers have 5 delicate white petals surrounding a green/yellow center. Garden Uses: Butterfly garden