Doellingeria umbellata
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Hardiness Zone: 2-7 Height: 2-5 feet; 0.6-1.5 metres Spread: 2-3 feet; 0.6-0.9 metres Sun: Full to partial sun Water: Wet to medium Wildlife: The flowers attract a variety of bees, flies, butterflies, and beetles as well as other insects. The caterpillars of the Harris' Checkerspot butterfly feed specifically on Flat Topped Aster. The seeds and foliage is a food source for Wild Turkey and some songbirds. Deer and Cottontail Rabbits will feed on the foliage. Bloom Colour: White Culture: Prefers slightly wet to moist conditions and sandy-loam though it can adapt to other soil types. Noteworthy Characteristics: The central stem of this plant is generally unbranched and ranges from light to purplish brown in colour. There are leaves in alternate arrangement that occur along the stem and they are elliptic-shaped. The flower heads have 5 to 12 white petals surrounding the yellow center. Garden Uses: Butterfly garden, rain garden