Asclepias syriaca
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Hardiness Zone: 3-9 Height: 0.6-1.0 metres; 2-3 feet Spread: 0.22-0.3 metres; 0.75-1.0 feet Sun: Full sun Water: Dry to medium Wildlife: Attracts butterflies Bloom Colour: Pink, mauve Tolerates: Deer; drought; dry, shallow soil Culture: Easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun. This plant will self-seed in the landscape if seed pods are not removed prior to splitting open and can spread somewhat rapidly by rhizomes. Noteworthy Characteristics: Common milkweed typically grows 3-4' tall on stout, upright stems with light green leaves. Clusters of fragrant, pinkish -purple flowers appear from late spring well into summer. Stems and leaves exude a milky sap when cut or bruised. Flowers give way to prominent, warty seed pods which split open when ripe releasing their numerous silky-tailed seeds for dispersal by the wind. Seed pods are valued in dried flower arrangements. Flowers are a nectar source for many butterflies.