Oenothera biennis
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Hardiness Zone: 4-8 Height: 2-6 feet; 0.6-1.8 metres Spread: 1-2 feet metres Sun: Full sun Water: Medium Wildlife: Moths are the primary pollinators of the flowers. Hummingbirds and bees are also attracted to the flowers. Caterpillars, beetles as well as other small insects feed on the foliage and some birds such as goldfinches feed on the seeds. Bloom Colour: Pale yellow Culture: Prefers medium moisture conditions and grows well in partly sandy soil. Noteworthy Characteristics: The central stem is light green to red and hairy with alternate leaves. The leaves are lanceolate in shape and are light green. The plant produces flowers at the top of the major stems which have four yellow petals each and exude a light, lemon-like fragrance. They normally open from evening to early morning. The flowers eventually give way to narrow seedpods that contain many small brown seeds.