Asclepias tuberosa
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Hardiness Zone: 3-9 Height: 1-2.5 feet; 0.3-0.8 metres Spread: 1-1.5 feet; 0.3-0.45 metres Sun: Full sun Water: Dry to medium Wildlife: As the name suggests, the showy flowers of this plant attract various species of butterflies including Swallowtails, Monarchs, and Fritillaries. Bees and hummingbirds are also attracted to the nectar. Bloom Colour: Orange, Yellow Tolerates: Drought Culture: Prefers dry to medium, sandy or rocky soil that is well-drained. It will adapt to growing in other soil types if they are well-drained. Noteworthy Characteristics: Butterfly Weed has hairy, light green to reddish stems with alternate leaves. The leaf blades are slightly hairy and range from linear-oblong to lanceolate-oblong. The plant produces multiple umbels of bright orange/yellow flowers. They are not noticeably fragrant. After their blooming period, the flowers are replaced by seedpods that later open to release their wind-dispersed seeds. The seed pods are green, but mature to brown and are slightly hairy.