Rudbeckia hirta
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Hardiness Zone: 3-10 Height: 0.6-0.9 metres; 2-3 feet Spread: 0.3-0.6 metres; 1-2 feet Sun: Full sun Water: Medium Flowers: Showy flowers Wildlife: Attracts butterflies Bloom Colour: Yellow Tolerates: Clay soil, drought, deer Culture: Best in moist, organically rich soils. Tolerates all soils except poorly-drained ones. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage additional bloom and/or to prevent any unwanted self-seeding. Biennial or short-lived perennial that usually remains in the garden through self-seeding. Garden Uses: An old, familiar, sometimes nostalgic and often cherished wildflower for naturalized areas, wildflower meadows, cottage gardens, native plant gardens and borders.