Salix bebbiana
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Hardiness Zone: 3-7 Height: 10-20 feet; 3-6 metres Spread: 10-20 feet; 3-6 metres Sun: Full sun to part shade Water: Moist to dry Wildlife: Shoots, buds, and catkins are eaten by many small mammals; birds eat the catkins and seed. Larval host for Mourning Cloak and Viceroy. Bloom Colour: White/cream; green/brown Tolerates: Compact soil; intermittent flooding Culture: Suitable for sandy, loam and clay soils. Bebb's willow prefers moist sites but is drought tolerant. This species tolerates moderately alkaline soils but not extremely alkaline conditions. This is a fast growing but short-lived species Noteworthy Characteristics: Bebb's willow is a large upright clumping shrub or small tree. The leaves are hairy when young, smooth and strongly veined when old. Garden Uses: Naturalizing