Castanea dentata
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Hardiness Zone: 5-8 Height: 50-75 feet; 15-23 metres Spread: 50-75 feet; 15-23 metres Sun: Full to partial sun Water: Medium to dry Wildlife: Bees, flies, and beetles are attracted to the flowers of this tree. Plant hoppers, aphids, beetle larvae, and moth caterpillars feed on the foliage and small mammals and larger birds eat the nuts. Bloom Colour: Pale yellow Culture: Prefers well-drained sandy or gravelly soils. Noteworthy Characteristics: American chestnut is a deciduous tree that now has become rare because of the chestnut blight. The leaves are alternate and simple with parallel veins and serrated margins. The bark is smooth and dark brown but develops ridges and deep furrows with age. The pollen flowers are in the form of catkins and the seed flowers which appear alone or in clusters. The seed flowers later develop into nuts enveloped in husks. The nuts are dark to reddish brown in colour.